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Monday, March 2nd, 2009
6:57 am - Finally!!!!!!!!

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Saturday, May 19th, 2007
9:35 am - look what I got...

Notice of Action under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act

Abuse Incident Number:      NA0000003348817
Report Date/Time:           Fri, 18 May 2007 18:39:26 -0700


Dear Comcast High-Speed Internet Subscriber:

Comcast has received a notification by a copyright owner, or its authorized agent, reporting an alleged infringement of one or more copyrighted works made on or over Comcast's High-Speed Internet service (the 'Service').  The copyright owner has identified the Internet Protocol ('IP') address associated with your Service account at the time as the source of the infringing works.  The works identified by the copyright owner in its notification are listed below.  Comcast reminds you that use of the Service (or any part of the Service) in any manner that constitutes an infringement of any copyrighted work is a violation of Comcast's Acceptable Use Policy and may result in the suspension or termination of your Service account.

If you have any questions regarding this notice, you may direct them to Comcast in writing by sending a letter or e-mail to:

 Comcast Legal Response Center
 Comcast Cable Communications, LLC
 650 Centerton Road
 Moorestown, NJ 08057 U.S.A.
 Phone: (856) 317-7272
 Fax: (856) 317-7319
 E-mail: dmca@comcast.net

For more information regarding Comcast's copyright infringement policy, procedures, and contact information, please read our Acceptable Use Policy by clicking on the Terms of Service link at http://www.comcast.net.

Comcast Legal Response Center

Copyright work(s) identified in the notification of claimed infringement:

Evidentiary Information:

Notice ID:  296439
Asset:  Little Miss Sunshine DVD
Protocol:  BitTorrent
IP Address:  **.***.**.***
DNS:  c-**.***.**.***.hsd1.va.comcast.net
File Name:  Little.Miss.Sunshine[2006]DvDrip[Eng]-aXXo
File Size:  735536856
Timestamp:  17 May 2007 03:20:53 GMT
Last Seen Date:  17 May 2007 03:20:53 GMT
URL:  http://www.sladinki007.net:6500/announce
Username (if available): 

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Friday, May 13th, 2005
3:19 am

I just sat here and ate 14 slim jims.

current mood: impressed

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Tuesday, May 3rd, 2005
1:16 am - relgious rant
Somebody handed me a religious propaganda pamphlet at work today.  One thing on it stuck out more than anything: "You should be baptized in obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ as a public testimony of your salvation..."  What? Jesus wants you to get baptized just so everyone else can see how much you believe?  Isn't that the same as when corporations pay athletes to wear their products in hopes that impressionable people see it and want to be cool like their favorite athlete so they go out and buy Nikes and drink Gatorade?  Why doesn't it just say "Jesus needs a sponsor"?

It also includes the quote by jesus, "Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I confess also before My Father which is in heaven."   In other words... "I'm with the band.  Blow me, and I'll let you backstage."

current mood: frustrated

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